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it has finally arrived. election day 2012. we will find out if the race between president obama and republican mitt romney is too close to call. >> reporter: the polls are open and we are live in san jose and we will show you how busy it is. >> we are live in san mateo county where republicans and democrats are busy racking up minutes on the cell foes. -- phones. how it's connected to the election. >> we have reporters all over with team coverage of all the critical races voters are deciding today. mornings on 2 begins right now.
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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu monks on -- mornings on 2. >> welcome to mornings on 2 i am dave clark. >> i am tori campbell tuesday november 6th. it's election day. and the polls here in california just opened about 55 second ago. the months of campaigning the millions of dollars spent on ads comes down to this day. the presidential race remains a dead heat with the latest poll showing president obama and mitt romney still neck in neck in the all important battleground states. mitt romney voted this morning near his boston area home with his wife. romney is now heading to ohio and then pennsylvania where he is making last-minute campaign appearances. this was just announced yesterday before heading back to boston this evening. president obama is back home in chicago where he will watch the results come in later this evening. coming up at 7:15, we will have
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a guide to the key returns today and when we could know the results of the presidential election. >> time 7:01 you heard tori the polls opened moments ago here in california. we have reporters all over the bay area covering today's local, state and national issues. you see the reporters there tara and everybody else we will start with ktvu's at polling place in san jose good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the register office and they are giving away the i voted stickers here. you can see behind me there areelection workers waiting here for cars to drive on through. they have the setup for pool's convenience and these election workers are greeting the voters and take ballots as they drive through the parking lot. now we started seeing people drop off their ballots before 5 a.m. just so they could beat the rush. election workers are starting to get hundreds -- are at hundreds of polling location
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throughout the county and there's a team of people here at the recommendation star's office to help them if they have any problems. the registrar's office is expressing a high voter turnout between 75 to 80% in the county. we spoke with people who cast their ballots this morning about who they voted for and why. >> my vote for obama probably won't be as meaningful as the local elections but i tried to do a good job and try to familiarize myself with the issues and pick the right candidates for the two even though i am riel telephone new to the area. >> reporter: so -- i am relatively new to the area. >> reporter: so far 40% of the votes have been returned and registrar's office is hoping people drop off the knells. you can do that at any polling location city hall or of course at registrar's office and you can come in person to vote because this is also a polling location. and just in case inform you do not know where your polling location is, there's actually an app to down load on your
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phone called scc vote and you can find your polling place and you can also view election results. so, the registrar's office is hoping people use this new application. reporting live here from san jose januaryine -- janine de. la vega. they are trying to encorning people to cast their votes today. tara more arty is live with -- moriarty is live with which voters they are targeting. >> reporter: good morning i may be one of the voters as i-- this is my mail-in ballot but in all the world series madness i forgot to mail it so i will drop it off at a polling station as i am sure folks across the bay area will do. we are at san mateo county democratic head courters we -- headquarters where they checked in and get a phone list and guides as to questions folks may have and over here you can see folks are set up at the
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tables with the cell phones. and they are calling some of the key battleground states. virginia, pennsylvania, ohio, florida, iowa and nevada are all states that harbor a lot of swing voters. so folks here they want to make sure they encourage to vote democrat. >> the main thrust to all day long is to get out the vote obviously. we have been doing this for a while and today is crunch day so we want to get people ensure they are getting to the polls. >> reporter: now last night republicans were just as bessy at their headquarters in contracosta county trying to get the word out about mitt romney and they participated in phone banking and noticed a surge in republican enthusiasm. >> overnight, after that first debate, the energy level and volunteers have soared. and people have started to call and coming in and wanting to help. >> the election is very close. the polls are showing even in the race for rickey gillas within one point. >> reporter: republicans say a come from behind win is doable
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and they are hopeful and thefeeling among democrats that president obama needs to remain in office because they want him to finish what he started. now we are told here at the democratic headquarters that it will be until 9 this phone banking continues. live in belmont terra moreart -- tara moriarty. >> let's check in with sal and see how the roads and commutes are going. what's happening in the south bay. >> reporter: we are starting there, dave, tori good morning. 280 northbound for example into the santa clara valley is getting use here. you will see a lot of slow traffic around the corner and getting up into the west valley. 101 started to slow first as it normally does and 85 started slowing as well into saratoga. as you drive over to cupertino people going to their jobs. and speaking of the peninsula, 101 heading down from mountainview into the santa clara valley looks good. 208 looks very nice. 880 is slowing downright near
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238 pockets of slow traffic down to the dunn barton bridge turn off. and i want to look at the westbound 80 slows from pinole down to richmond and berkeley. bay bridge toll is backed up although it seems normal for this time. 15 to 20 minute delay. maybe longer than that. but nothing on the bridge itself getting into san francisco in the way of crashes or stalled vehicles. 7:07 let's go to steve. >> good morning. rise over the big city and yesterday it was a report sing day from redding and you kaia record -- you skia and -- you kaia and los angeles and santa barbara. today is close but not as warm. we have seen a decrease in the eastern breeze and this time of year you need the offshore breeze to get warm. sunny and nice. possible records cooling begins tomorrow as the fog returns and winter has big changes on thursday and friday a cold pattern. kind of a showery rainy pattern moving in.
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highs from the 70s and 80s to the 50s. but if you missed it yesterday, gilroy did check in at 90. san jose oakland santa rosa redwood city at 84. those were records. sfo san francisco 79 and records mountainview at 83 was a record. today it will be close for a few but a lot less. santa rosa yesterday or today 86, 1931 that will not happen. san francisco 83. and that will not happen today i am going 76 oakland close but i don't think so. i don't see the strong breeze coming off which they need. san jose yes the record is 80. going 81. redwood city tying 80 forecasted high for them is at 80. a couple that will be close. clear skies and a little eastern breeze but really not much of one. yesterday it was no doubt about it. so the warming today out yesterday. nice today but we will start cooling. 45 santa rosa how in the sam hill can they hit 86 or 85 or 84without that north wind it's not possible the day is not long enough upper 50s and lower 60s oakland and san francisco.
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a teeny puff of eastern breeze but most location say calm. sunny and nice for november. it's warm, tomorrow we start a cooling trend and a big drop in the temps thursday into friday. friday looks to be the coldest day but the morning lows on the weekend will be chilly. cloud and rain forecast keeping an eye on the coast by late tonight the fog and watch by tomorrow morning, all right. we are going into thursday right there. heading into thursday the first part of the system comes through and low spinning off the coast swings in more rain friday morning and it will be cold. not a lot of rain but it will be cold. sunny and nice today. a lighter breeze. chilly lows inland as you saw. 40s but by the coast 50s and 60s. 7 0á today inland temps upper 70s to near 80. a few record today but after that that's it. start a cooling trend on wednesday. here comes the system dropping in for cold for some rain thursday and friday. weekend is bet are but very cold in the morning. 7:09. east palo alto motorcycle police officer is recovering after being injured last night
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during a pursuit. it happened on which is tear yeah drive around -- which is tear yeah drive last night e crashed into another car when hethat was not involved in the pursuit. the officer was treated for injuries but is expected to be okay. we still don't know what sparked the chase but police say that driver got away. outrage is growing in moraga after the school district suggested that a former student was to blame for being sexually ace busesed by -- abused by twoteachers. more than 1600 people signed an online petition calling on the distroict apologize to christian. now she sued the school district and former administrators claiming that they failed to stop the abuse. however the school district responded to a the lawsuit by calling her negligent and careless the online petition iscalling on the district to apologize or prove that the woman's claims are false. >> it's 7:10.
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victory for the san francisco giants parade was not cheap but comparing the cost to the money made from visitors that day, the expense more than worth it. according to a report, released just yesterday, san francisco spent 225,000 dollars on parade costs. and city's chief economist estimates the money spent by parade visitors to be anywhere from 18 to $40 million. >> the pair gone outlets will open and police tell shoppers to be aware of heavy traffic. the new mall is just off interstate 580 and authorities say traffic delays will be expected throughout the weekend with the high number of shoppers. they are having a four-day grand opening starting thursday. police want to remind drivers to be cautious of pedestrian and lock cars while shopping and this is a big deal. it's the first time anywhere in the state an outlet mall opened since 2001. >> really. >> yeah. >> that's a long time. >> all right.
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time 7:11. one week after sandy why east coast residents have to evacuate again. and the extreme measures being taken to make sure people dealing with sandy's aftermath can get out and vote. >> a controversial idea what california state university isproposing that made the students just furious.
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lots of sunshine and it will be nice but not as warm as yesterday but way above average on temps and big changes start tomorrow. but maybe one more day of a couple record highs. >> thank you, steve. one week after sandy devastated many seaside towns in new jersey, some people are being told to evacuate again. the office of emergency management is ordered people living in low lying areas in brick township new jersey to
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evacuate ahead of an approaching nor'easter. the town is expected to see more than an inch of rain and wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour during the storm. that alone is not unusual. but it could create a storm surge and add to the flooding. turnout for the election has been heavy even in locations that saw heavy damage from super storm sandy. here you can see people long lines actually here in brooklyn new york. voters displaced by the storm in new york are being allowed to cast an affidavit ballot at any polling location in the state. >> we want everyone to vote. just because you are displaced doesn't mean you should be disenfranchised. >> new jersey governor christie says voters displaced by the storm can cast ballots by. -e-mail or fax and new jersey voters can cast traditional paper ballots at station that is lost power. it's 7:15. voting is underway all over the country and what could be one
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of the closest presidential elections in history. mohammed aliison burns is live. >> reporter: this point it's all about watching the big battleground states and when the polls close we could know who our next president will be barring any challenges or big surprises. the polls close in virginia ohio and north carolina between 4 and4:30 pacific time. at 5 pacific the polls close in florida pennsylvania and new hampshire. and by 6, the battleground states of wisconsin and colorado could be decided. winning early in ohio, virginia and florida would likely cement the election for president obama given the other states he is favored to win. but mitt romney who voted in massachusetts this morning is is looking to take those first wins and make it a long night for the president. the most recent polling suggest president obama is ahead in
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most of the battleground states but not by much. reporting live, from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >> now this emphasis on the battleground states in the presidential race is relatively new. president obama and mitt romney campaigned in only 10 states since the political conventions. compared to back in the 1960s presidential election john f. kennedy he campaigned in 49 states. and richard nixon visited all 50 states. some political experts say the current practice of focusing on so few states that distorts the entire electoral process. it's 7:17. a ktvu field poll suggest fewer ballots will be cast today in california compared to the 2008 presidential election. despite a record number of people registering to vote. poll estimates about 12.75 million people will actually cast ballots in the state this year. that's compared to 13.74
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million in 2008. one theory suggest people were more motivated four years ago because of the historic nature of the obama candidacy. on the flip side voters using mail-in ballots are expected to reach a new high. field poll expects 51% to vote early compared to 49% who are expected to vote in person at precincts today. we will have election coverage throughout the morning and special coverage this afternoon we start at 4 p.m. in fact as polls close on the east coast and have up-to-the minute results on and mobile ktvu and expand edition of the 10:00 news for bay area election coverage. 7:18. california state university students may soon have to pay more for taking extra units. even if voters pass prop 30. this is all part of a plan to free up more spaces for students. the chronicle reports that csu students who repeat classes or take more full-time course loads or even exceed the number
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of units needed to graduate pay have to pay higher fees. students who are facing tuition hikes are not happy about this idea. they are planning protest on csu campuses on thursday. csu trustees are set to vote on that fee hike next tuesday. a new meth vaccine is showing results. researchers at scripps ranch in lawho io say they developed a -- la jolla says it appears to prevent methamphetamine from reaching the nervous system. it last only weeks. that is shorter than the researchers would like. so far this vaccine is only been tested on lab rats and they are not sure if it helps reduce the cravings. researchers say they have to do a lot more testing includingtrials on humans. it's 7:19. preliminary hearing is schedule to end for two people charged in a hit-and-run crash that severely injured a former marine. eduardo he is cay val is
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accused of intentionally heading albert bartol with his car in san francisco's inner richmond district last thanksgiving. there is video of the two getting into an altercation at a jack-in-the-box restaurant before the crash. esqual free plead not guilty and his girlfriend plead not guilty after an accessory in after the fact. two bay area cities are among the top ten for places where biking to work is popular. oakland saw cycling increased 46 perputting it 7th on the national list. nearly 3 1/2% of oakland commuters use bikes to get to school or work. san francisco is 4th and washington, d.c. tops the list. we have a couple people who -- >> i see them every day. >> to and from work which is pretty cool. >> they stay healthy, too. time 7:206789 we have another warm -- 7:20. we have another warm day ahead. this is what it looks like
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right now but the weather is about to change a lot. steve will tell you when the weather will get a lot colder. >> plus, it's been a disappointing season for the cal football team and now more disappointing news on the graduation rates. >> good morning westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland getting more crowded. we will tell you more about the east bay commute. before cold & flu season, help prevent
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[ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. time now 7:236789 every vote counts and from -- 7:2 23 -- 7:23. every vote counts and even from space. they e mailed the digital version to those astronauts at the the international spacecenter. when they finish voting it is september back to earth and deliver to the authorities. it was made possible by a bill passed in 1997 in texas. recently released rankings
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shows u.c. berkely football team has the lowest graduation rate in the pac-12. 47% of football players who enter cal between 2002 and 2055 graduated within six years. the 6-year graduation rate for cal's undergraduate student body was 90% during the period. cal's coach says the rates are unacceptable but points to players who leave early to go to the nfl. but ncaa rankings show without the players, the graduation ratewas only 1 percentage point higher. >> wow. sal you will have to give the players a pep talk about that. >> reporter: well, we will try, dave but i will give you a pep talk about traffic because i think it's not that bad. there are some slow downs but we don't have a lot of serious accidents. we have one, though and it's not earous -- serious but it's a crash moving it off from the lanes to the shoulder.
7:25 am
traffic through pleasant hill is going to be slow and also from walnut creek south towards danville. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland is not that bad. look at livermore traffic the -- livermore valley the traffic is slow up to about airway boulevard and then clears up. 880 southbound 238 to union city. nothing unusual but a normal morning slow down. pictures now a look at interstate 880 northbound. not too bad passing the oakland coliseum northbound on the right there. and at bay bridge it's backed up for a 25 minute delay so a little better than yesterday wizen couraging. no problems getting into the city. 7:25 let's go to steve. >> reporter: sunshine -- >> sunshine and another nice day near record setting territory for some not as many as yesterday. we had a stronger eastern breeze and yesterday above the oakland berkeley it was 25 to 30 and it's nothing like that today. but it will be nice to warm. 70s and 80s. inland temps even yesterday most of the inland locations
7:26 am
especially north bay east bay in the upper 70s. south bay hits 80s and 90s. high pressure here but 40s for many. fairfield concord look at that. oakland is 58 degrees. so sunny today nice to warm. temperatures start to cool down wednesday and they really come down as we head into thursday and also friday. highs going 70s and 80s to 50s inrand. there -- inland. today lots of sunshine and not as much of a breeze. chilly morning lows but not too bad on the coast and temperatures rebounding into the 70s for some. low 80s for others. and cooler weather starts tomorrow. and then here comes some off and on showers a rainy but mainly cold pattern into fridaych the weekend is better but the morning lows are in 30s in wind protected areas. >> thank you it's 7:26. today's election cos shift the balance of power in congress. the likelihood the election results will help break the gridlock in washington, d.c. >> reporter: and we are waiting right now for governor jerry brown to cast his ballot here
7:27 am
at this polling place in oakland. urging this morning a yes vote on proposition 30. his tax measure to fund education. we will tell you why he feels optimistic about the passage today. >> reporter: and we are saturday and quentin where a small group of people hope californians repeal the death penalty but will it past? mornings on 2 continues. oñ
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time now 7:29 any minute governor brown is expected to cast his ballot on prop 30. alex savidge is in oakland. >> reporter: we are told any minute he will be arriving at fire station number 6 where he will cast his ballot this morning and voting yes on proposition 30. and as you can see over here we have educators teachers with the california teachers association who lined the street here. they are staying away from the polling place but holding the rally nearby. so they can sort of greet the governor as he walks down the street and as i say that i think if you push up there that looks like the governor right now. walking up and greeting some of the teachers again they are members of the california teachers association obviously
7:31 am
they are very concerned about education funding in this state. they are concerned about what would happen and what the governor warned what happens if proposition 30 goes down and that's trigger cuts taking effect roughly 6 billion in cuts in education are possible outcome. he is greeting the teachers right now as he will slowly make his way here. over to the polling place. obviously the governor has been making as of late a last-minute push to try to get proposition 30 passed. this is his tax initiative to raise tacks on high incomeearners and income taxes of those make over $250,000 andincrease the sales tax for everybody else with the money going into a special education fund. you can see right now governor is surrounded at this point making his way here over to the polling place reporters photographers and all around him. he just walked by the way this
7:32 am
walk he made was from his house and here in the oakland hills. >> yeah and. >> reporter: the polling place not far away. >> right. and we understand initially he was supposed to be there about 7, 7:15 and he not known for promptness but as we see live walking into the polling place. >> reporter: hey governor how you feeling about prop 30. >> i feel good. i think we got a very good chance of winning for the school kids and california's future. >> reporter: there he goes heading inside to cast his ballot. in line or is he going straight to vote. >> reporter: well, you know dave that's a good question. i think he is waiting in line. like everybody else. there he goes there wasn't much of a line. there was no line. but he walked up there and the fine poll workers are getting him all signed up and ready to go. >> and where is this? is this someone's house? >> reporter: no this is inside
7:33 am
the fire station oakland fire station number 6. >> okay. >> okay so. >> reporter: the governor -- >> has it been. >> reporter: go ahead. >> has it been busy the flow of people showing up throughout the morning despite the governor showing up? >> reporter: yeah, you know, to be honest dave, i don't think that a lot of people even knew he was necessarily coming here to cast his ballot today. some folks sort of saw all of us set up this morning and wondered what was going on. there may be folks a bit surprised to see the governor walking up here and voting. >> we have covered many stories about how important this is to the governor himself and he's saying if it doesn't pass if voters doesn't approve it higher predicts for education and state as a whole. >> yeah. >> reporter: those are the predictions. >> yeah. certainly a lot at stake proposition 30 and in addition to the other propositions obviously something we will be following throughout the day here on ktvu for you as we he
7:34 am
see the governor taking his ballot over to one of the booths to cast his ballot. saying hi of course to the fire dalmatian. >> reporter: that's right. >> the dog. all right thank you. >> reporter: wants to get to every voter. >> exactly. so thanks and we will leave you there and possibly check back as the governor makes a statement after he votes we wanted to show you live the governor casting his ballot in election 2012. 7:34 a lot is at take on this election day. in addition to the presidential race, every house seat and a third of the senate seats are up for grabs. political reporter jamie dupri joins us via skype from outside washington does it look like we will have a split congress republicans keep control of the house and democrats control of the senate? >> reporter: as of now if if there was a betting windo that's the bet to make. -- window, that's the bet is
7:35 am
the democrats retain control of the senate and republicans keep charge of the house. democrats have been talking big about winning back the house but now they are talking about how they might not even win any seats the republicans may actually have a larger advantage in the house by a few seats after tonight. even democrats it's a possibility for them to add seats in the senate as well. so, think about that all of the yelling and screaming and millions of dollars spent on election work over last the last year and we may end up in the same spot and even in more gridlock than we were beforehand after the election is over. a number republicans still believe that they can run the table in a number of different senate seats but they have a difficult road to get to a majority in the u.s. senate today. >> so if that's the case and we have a split congress how will the next president no matter who wins, be able to overcome the gridlock that's prevented congress from doing anything productive? >> reporter: yeah, i am not sure that you are going to have much of a change from where it is now. especially as we look ahead to
7:36 am
the fiscal cliff and major decision that is have to be made at the end of the year. if nothing changes, in the congress, and even if nothing changes down at the white house either, we may just sort of be in the same position we were at before. it sounds so elementary there should be compromise and you should cut a deal but both parties have sort of weeded out their middle ground members. there's hardly anymore southern democrats or moderate democrats there's hardly anymore liberal or moderate republicans and we have a much more liberal group of democrats and a much more conservative group of republicans and there's not much middle ground and that may be reenforced by tonight's results. >> so, finally jamie, if you mentioned the fiscal cliff, if compromise is not reil-- really in their vocabulary how will we avoid going off it. >> reporter: it might be a punt. you listen to both sides in the election rhetoric is neither wants to give up. there was thought whoever wins
7:37 am
the race for the white house will have a little more edge in this and that might be true on some of the points. but i certainly can't imagine republicans in the house or democrats in the senate frankly rolling over and giving up. that's why tonight's results are very, very important. look in california, you've got a number of new members that could be elected today and will be elected today. some of them from both parties and they want to keep the party line when they get to washington, d.c. they may talk a lot about compromise but it doesn't happen that much anymore. >> one quick question, do you think it's going to be a long night or short night tonight. >> reporter: well, what you see behind me is my radio broadcast facility in my basement of my house out here in d.c. and i am going to be on until at least 5 in the morning eastern time. what do you think i am looking for? i think it might be a late night. but if you get results from either virginia or florida, that run towards the obama team and the democrats, that might be an indicator of which way we are going. mitt romney has to win in
7:38 am
florida, north carolina and virginia to then turn his attention to either pennsylvania or ohio. it could be a long evening and then again things might wrap up more quickly we will see what the voters do thankfully the polls are done and now we have the last poll from the voters. >> all right. jamie washington insider joining us from baltimore maryland. thanks jamie. time 7:378. happening -- 7:37. supporters -- supporters of the controversial ballot measure are rallying at san quentin. brian flores is live to tell us how family members of crime victims are reacting to this. good morning. >> reporter: hey good morning. californians do have a big decision to make when it comes to repealing the death penalty. we are hive here at the westgate at san quentin state prison war small group are forming a all day vigil in support of proposition 34. since the death penalty was reinstated in california in 1978 only 14 people have been executed and 900 received the
7:39 am
death sentence. if passed i'd would repeal the death penalty and give convicted first degree murders live without the possibility of parole. opponents of the state district's attorney and they say it will let criminals escape justice. >> if we see abolition of the death penalty if prop 34 passes that may look back and see that as the turning point. >> i think the next thing you will see is them trying to do away with life without parole. >> reporter: supporters small group of whom are here this morning say passing prop 34 will save the state about 130 million dollars. that would otherwise be spent in court costs or trials that can sometimes last for decades. that's the biggest sticking point for the measure. if passed it would be retroactive and require those on death row to work and wages would be given to crime victims. supporters we talked to this morning are appealing for the state to save the human life no matter who is convicted.
7:40 am
>> and don't vote with your wallet vote with your heart. understand that this is all tied together. what happens here on this smallknow affects what happens there. >> reporter: experts say that if prop 34 passes many other states will follow suit. currently about 33 states have the death penalty as we take it back here live again california voters will have to decide if this goes through. voters will need a 50% majority to pass but according to recent field polish you'd last week only 43% support this but it's a long day ahead so we will see how it goes. live at san went i can brian flores -- quentin brian flores. >> we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning. and you can go to the channel 2 website and find a state by state breakdown of everything that is at stake. 20 minutes before 8. let's check in with sal. a large power outage in fremont. >> reporter: that's right. we have a large power outage a lot of intersections a transformer blew at about 7:00,
7:41 am
and a lot of the intersections like stephenson at davis grimmer at freemont and washington -- fremont at sundale all out of power. and that means you have quite substantial delays at major intersections at fremont. let's go quickly and look at northbound 101. being see a lot of slow traffic coming up-- you can see a lot of slow traffic past 880. the commute is slow at the bay bridge toll plaza and a injury accident on west 80 at apean way. and 7:41 let's go to steve. good morning. well, if you didn't get out morning what's -- okay well today is your day. because it's sunny and nice and we start off really cool for some. yet at 60 in san francisco. 45 and thea -- santa rosa. without a north wind there's no way they get above 78 or 79. the days are too short. it will be nice today. a little cooler tomorrow and then by thursday and friday, we will see highs inland some of
7:42 am
the temps in the 50s. so sunny and nice today. we had a very pronounced offshore breeze yesterday. there's hardly one today. without that in place only a couple record highs are possible today. 70s for many. did go with a couple record highs redwood city and san jose as well. we will see temperatures coming down a little bit today even though it will be nice. cooler on wednesday, big change thursday takes us into friday and that is colder system than a rany system. and then it will be -- rainy system. but then okay on the weekend. cold and breezy as temperaturesstruggling to get back into the 60s. >> thanks. happening now governor brown talking to the media after casting his vote in favor of prop 30. let's listen in. >> in terms of health care, and in terms of a lot of investments that we need to make a big difference. i am hoping that the president does well and that's the big issue because you know it's been a hard fought campaign and i think there are two choices here. just like proposition 30, are
7:43 am
we going to vote to expand opportunity and use the public sector? the big issue is can people through their institutions of government do great things or can we only do it through the private sector? and there has to be a balance. but this election is either more towards me and my and what i can do for myself or what can i do for myself with my neighbors with my fellow citizens and investing through our school districts through our counties through our president and congress and through the legislature. so, the big issue the big question is, what is the capacity of america to invest through its collective institution called the government? and a lot of people think. >> you've been listening live to governor injury brown speaking outside the fire station where he cast his ballot obviously in support of
7:44 am
proposition 30. but meanwhile opponents of proposition 30 accuse state leaders of using scare tactics and they argue the me measure doesn't guarantee new funds for schools and argue state taxes are already high and that tax increases will drive jobs out of the state. they say california's pension system needs to be reformed and the government work force reduced. it's 7:44 and it may be election day but the campaigning is actually not over yet for mitt romney. he just arrived at a campaign appearance in ohio emily schmidt is at the election day headquarters in boston where republican presidential nominee will arrive later today. and this is unprecedented for a candidate to be campaigning on election day emily. >> reporter: hi it's something that is starting to emerge as a bit of a routine for the candidates in their last hours. we saw it in 2004 and then 2008 and now we see mitt romney carrying on this tradition of
7:45 am
very last-minute campaigning. he is doing so because he is trying to round up the undecide voters in the key swing states. americans are lining up at the polls in what could be one the closest presidential elections in history. republican challenger mitt romney remind supporters every vote counts and he and his wife cast their ballots in belmont massachusetts this morning before leaving for campaign events in pennsylvania and crucial swing state of ohio. >> i think people in ohio know they are probably going to decide the next president it's a good shot of that happening so, we all care very deeply about ohio. >> reporter: running mate paul ryan joins him in cleveland before heading to virginia. last night a high energy rally in new hampshire topped off an exhausted day on the campaign trail. >> your primary vote put me on the path to win republican nomination. and tomorrow your votes and your work right here in new
7:46 am
hampshire will help me become the next president of the united states. >> reporter: he hopscotched the country hitting swing states from florida to virginia to ohio. and attacking president obama on his record, and touting his credentials as a businessman who knows what it takes to fix the economy. >> i am not going to spend my time trying to pass partisan legislation that is unrelated to jobs. from day one i am going to go to work to help americans get back to work. >> reporter: the romney campaign is going to keep working to keep the energy going until the polls close. mitt romney said in a radio interview in one of the swing states this ohio event wouldn't be a big event it's not about getting the crowds it's about getting people to the polls. but he add that he is going to be back in boston tonight watching the election returns with his family. this is his philosophy and said we put it on the field and we know that we leave nothing behind. back to you. >> all right. thank you. emily schmidt joins us live. president obama is back home in
7:47 am
chicago this morning where he will watch the election results come in today. we got word he stopped by one of the campaign field offices in chicago and surprised volunteers across the country by calling them to thank them for their work during the campaign. coming up at 8:45, we will have a live report from the obama campaign election day headquarters in chicago. now this election day is filled with heated debates over several propositions here in california. ktvu pam cook yoans us -- joins with us news to use how to get a last-minute primer from both sides pam. >> reporter: you may need cliff notes to get through the information that has been bombarding you and your mailbox for the past month or so. so i want to show you a great website smart unbiased election information site compiled by the league of women voters and does everything you need to know on the ballot including your polling place. you can put your street address and zip code and find your polling place because some of them have moved since last time you voted. now under current elections,
7:48 am
you just punch california here and you can choose your county in the bay area. let's choose san francisco. it has all your contests and candidates on here. president and assembly but what's critical here in california because we have so many complicated and controversial propositions this time around, is that state proposition part of the website. you can see all the propositions are laid out for you. we have been talking about a lot about proposition 30 governor brown's tax initiative and we have a lot of controversial information complicated information to sort through and we have whether or not to repeal the death penalty and three strikes law and the genetically engineered food labeling so for example let's touch that one and under that website under the part of the website with the proposition you are going to see the statement propped by the attorney general and you will see the fiscal impact of the proposition and you will see where the money has come from and who is supporting this and scroll through and you will get
7:49 am
the arguments for and against the proposition and all the way at bottom, you can read through this and you can also see who is for and against this. what organizations what individuals so again, it's a nice little primer to get you through all of the information that we need to know before we head to the polls. clearly, more on the election than the presidential race especially here in california so get out and vote. >> all right. pam. there are two other hot button issues in the election and other states that are legalizing same sex marriage and also the recreational use of marijuana. washington state oregon and colorado could become the first states to allow adults to possess small amounts of pot. in the meantime, in maine, maryland and washington state, voters will decide whether or not to legalize same sex marriage. it's been rejected in all 32 states that held popular votes on this issue. now we will have election coverage for you throughout the morning and also special
7:50 am
coverage this afternoon. we start at 4 p.m. as the polls close. we will have up-to-the minute results on and on mobile ktvu and there's an expanded edition of the 10:00 news for complete bay area election coverage. it's 7:49. san francisco's municipal transportation agency will honor a bus driver today for his actions during the unrest following the giants world series victory. the city says allen yam kept passengers safe while the bus was set on fire at third and market streets on october 28th. according to the san francisco chronicle, he evacuated his bus after someone started smashing the windows. police are still looking for two people seen on the video starting the fire. the man charged with smashing the windshield of the same bus is pleaded not guilty to two counts of felony vandalism. to -- 22-year-old gregory graniss said he played a role
7:51 am
and he is ashamed for his action and hopes to make amends. he is currently free on $40,000 bail and will return to court next month. time 7:50. a southern california brush fire still burning right now. devastating hundreds of acres. when the firefighters expect to have it fully contained. >> new video of a boat rescue near the bay what rescuers say was the toughest part of the process.
7:52 am
7:53 am
new video of a dramatic boat rescue. this video from the sonoma county sheriff helicopter shows waves covering the capsized boat with 7 people on board. two children were trapped underneath the boat. rescuers says one of the toughest moments was rescuing afather who didn't want to leave his children. rase cueers freed the children after towing the boat out of
7:54 am
surf and cutting a hole in the boat's hull. a 350 acre brush fire continues to burn in southern california and hundreds of firefighters are still on the scene. the fire started yesterday along interstate 15 near in san bernardino county. authorities closed the freeway around noon but the road closures lasted until early evening. the road is now open. the flames are 10% contained this morning. authorities expect full containment by 6 p.m. tonight. time is 7:54. wonderful story about a wonderful lady long time bay area journalist is retiring at the age of 80. she says the final broadcast is this friday on kqed this week in northern california. belva davis is nationally known for being a tenacious and fair reporter and worked at several san francisco tv stations. now she says she plans to spend time with her husband of 50 years bill, and she will be
7:55 am
reading for pleasure and won't have to worry about meeting a deadline. >> yep. >> she is a terrific lady certainly made us proud in the bay area. 7:54. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on the roads. some problems out there. >> reporter: yes there are. we have a power outage in fremont that we talked about that would be a lot of the intersection in fremont are without power because of transformer problem first reported at 7 to pg&e and the 4400 block of eaton court pg&e says fremont fire and police are responding there or they are there. the signals are affected because of the power outages at many fremont intersection. treat it as a four way stop if the lights are out -- way stop if the lights are out. an accident west 80. this crash is in pinole and slow traffic after that as you
7:56 am
head west. 24 lafayette traffic westbound is moderate. between walnut creek and oakland when you get to the toll plaza of the bay bridge, you will see some slow traffic there. and it's backed up and not as bad as yesterday but backed up for a 15-minute delay. now steve. >> thanks. well, lots of sunshine yesterday and a bunch of record highs from top to bottom. to los angeles 90s gilroy close to 90. haze in the atmosphere. we had a rather strong offshore breeze yesterday we don't have that today. we will still end up with lot of 70s but a far cry from yesterday. i think we will get a fewer record highs. maybe close to the coast peninsula or south bay but when you start off at 45, 47 inland temps this time of year, the days are so short and it's really tough. but it will be sunny and it will be nice to warm. but this is it. tomorrow we start a cooling trend and i mean temperatures will drop off the table by thursday and friday. and forecasted high in livermore is 806789 on saturday, it's 56 degrees. sunny and nice there's not much
7:57 am
of an offshore breeze if there is one there's nothing compared to yesterday. chilly lows inland but we are recovering from 70s. upper 70s a few mid-80s but say bye to those we will see temperatures change a cold pattern but off and on a rany pattern thursday and friday. weekend looks better. just not very warm. tori and david. >> it will feel like november. time 7:56a kidnap attempt in san mateo county. how a authorities say a woman tried to lure a young child away. >> reporter: we are live at polling location where people are exercising their right to vote. we will show you how busy it is and what you need to know before you head to the polls. >> reporter: they showed up at the san mateo county democratic headquarters. what they are doing to prepare for the election when mornings on 2 continues. w
7:58 am
7:59 am
complete bay area news coverage continues this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning welcome back i am tori campbell. >> i am dave clark tuesday november 6th election days 2012. well, it's election day. the polls are open here in california. and they opened about an hour ago. the month of campaigning are all of the millions of dollars
8:00 am
spent on the ads come down to this day. the presidential race remains a dead heat the latest poll showing president obama and mitt romney neck in neck in the all important battleground states. and mitt romney voted this morning in the boston area and romney will take the very unusual step and continue to campaign on election day. he has stops scheduled in ohio and pennsylvania and then he will head bang to his election day headquarters in boston. meantime, republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan also voted this morning. right near his home in wisconsin. ryan will be joining mitt romney in cleveland ohio for a campaign appearance later this morning. then he moves onto richmond virginia before he joins romney at their came payne headquarters in boston this evening. vice president joe biden and his wife cast their ballots this morning in wilmington delaware. bidens they waited in line with every body else at a polling
8:01 am
place. later on he will be flying to chicago joining president obama in the -- and the first lady to watch the returns come in tonight. the president by the last month he became the first sitting president to participate in early voting. now the president's home county of cook county illinois has seen a record number of early voters this year. coming up for you at 8:15 we will go to a live report on what to look for tonight for clues as to how the presidential election could swing. it's 8:01. polls in california opened just one hour ago. we have reporters throughout the bay area covering today's critical local state and national issues. we begin team coverage with kt have u janine de la vega good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i just walked inside to this polling location and they told me only 28 people had physically gone in and voted. what most people are doing is what you see. they have set up this ballot
8:02 am
drop off location so that people can drive through. this is to make it convenient for voters and we have seen a steady stream of people coming through here. now people started coming here to the registrar's office before 5 this morning to drop off ballots. 46% of people have voted by mail ballots and they have returned them so far. the registrar's office wants every one to know they can drop off the ballots at polling location city hall or registrar's office and there's a team of support staff to help election workers just in case a problem arising. we spoke to people about their choice to vote today. >> i vote every year. i am excited to vote and i have a new son so he is one years old and i have him in the back seat and he needs to know how important this is even though he probably doesn't understand right now. >> reporter: the registrar's office is expecting a high voter turnout anywhere between
8:03 am
75 to 80% because historically it's been high during years there are presidential elections. now if you don't know where your polling location is, i want to tell you about an application that you can down load on your iphone or any android device called sec vote and it will let you know if you type in your zip code where you your polling location is and you can monitor election results and again, you can drop off your ballot or come into vote at registrar's office and it will be open until 8 p.m. tonight. reporting live janini de la vega. right now democrats and republicans in the bay area are making last-ditch efforts to encourage people to vote terra moriarty is live in -- tara moriarty is live with which voters they are targeting. >> reporter: this is crunch time and they will have to target those voters in the swing states. if you look behind me we are
8:04 am
here at san mateo county campaign headquarters for the democrats. and they are phone banking what's that? they are calling voters in key battleground states and urging them to vote for president obama. much the same thing is going on at republican headquarters nationwide as well. now the swing states are getting barrageed with phone calls right now and those are folks in virginia, pennsylvania, iowa, ohio, florida missouri and nevada. and we asked the volunteers what it is they say when they call. >> we don't really convince them we say tell them we share with them our personal experience and there's nothing better than your personal experience. and they say really? i didn't know that because a lot of people out there don't have time so it's nice if you share with them why you feel a certain way and people will think about it. >> reporter: last night the republican camp in walnut creek they were energized and say come from behind win is
8:05 am
tangible. >> all the things we work on registering voters and educating and building a community none of that matters if people don't go to the poll. this last push getting republicans to the polls. >> reporter: now both parties on the west coast will continue with those phone banks through the evening at this location they are going to continue to do the phone banking until 9 tonight. live from belmont tara moriarty ktvu. >> ktvu will have continue election day coverage throughout the day. you can also go to the channel 2 website and find a state by state breakdown of everything at stake and get up- to-the minute results. it's 8:05. a warning for parents in san mateo county after a possible kidnap attempt of a 5-year-old boy. it happened on saturday on oakley avenue. sheriff's deputies say the boy was playing in his front yard what blue minivan driven by a woman pulled up. the boy says the woman offered him candy and asked if he
8:06 am
wanted to go with her she drove away after spotting the boy's mother. and investigators described the vehicle as a faded blue minivan. new this morning, threemarin county caregivers why arrest in connection with a death of 4-month-old baby. the caregivers at magic place children's center were arrested on suspicion of involume-teary manslaughter. ate rest comes after a coroner's report found a 4- month-old baby at the day care accidentally suffocated in his bedding last month. time 8:06. police in modesto rested the grandmother -- arrested the grandmother of a 1 and a half month girl shot. maria hernandez was booked into the stanislaus county jail on suspicion of child endangerment. this is just hours after she took her grand daughter to the hospital to be treat for a gunshot wound to her upper body. authorities are saying hernandez gave conflicting
8:07 am
statements and couldn't explain how the child was hurt under her care. the toddler was flown to oakland's children's hospital and she remains in stable but critical condition. contracosta county judge was forced to shut down the courtroom after a brawl between the families of victims and suspects in a murder he case. the contracosta times reports that happened in the hallway of the superior court in pittsburgh. right before the start of a plea hearing for three alleged gang members. now they are accused of shooting and killing christopher zin and brianna delve san francisco on buchanan road near antioch on october 1th. court records show zin was allegedly in the same gang as the suspects. the judge postponed the plea hearing until later this month. marin authorities are look for a man suspected of burglarizing more than dozen businesses. here's a glimpse of what he looks like. this is taken from surveillance video at a grocery store early
8:08 am
yesterday morning. police say he is an east bay resident and they caught him burglarizing another market but escaped running into the surrounding hills. san francisco police continue to look for a missing elderly man who disappeared sunday morning. 82-year-old hong shin le was seen around 9:30 a.m. on sunday near his home in the bay view. he is described as 5 feet 4, 120 pounds with brown eyes and gray hair. police say li is hard of hearing if you in anything about his whereabouts call police. time is 8:08. sal is back and you are watching the roads and bridges right? >> >> reporter: that's right. we are looking at the peninsula and we have a look at a new crash dave and tori northbound 101 and southbound 101 let me turn this down here. here's sirens responding to a crash. 101 right near the exit northbound so if you are trying to cash a -- catch a flight we
8:09 am
have show traffic coming up the bay shore freeway. driving on 280 northbound, we expect the traffic to be better. again northbound 101 at peninsula a new crash. i want to move the traffic to the maps over fremont power outage affecting many intersections. if you come across an intersection without lights, treat it as a 4-way stop. it's not affecting the freeway traffic and we have slow traffic on 680 from concord to about danville because of earlier problems. live pictures san mateo bridge is busy heading to the high rise. no probable major problems. -- no major problems. a stall making traffic slower. 8:09 and steve. clear skies and chilly for some areas especially in san francisco low 60s on the temperature for some of the lows this morning. in fact, starting to warm up. sunny and nice to warm. possible records not as many as yesterday. we had a stronger offshore breeze yesterday. there's a little component there. but it was 25 to 30 in sop of
8:10 am
the hills yesterday. that's not -- some of the hills yesterday. that's not the case today. fog will come back and thursday, friday and into saturday, big changes. colder with some rain. this is more of a cold system than a reiny system. we will get something out of it. monday a record setting day. gilroy 90. san jose oakland santa rosa redwood city in 84. san francisco sfo79. possible reports won't be santa rosa they neat to get to 86 i am going 78. san francisco 83. don't think so. going 76. oakland maybe 80 but i went 78. san jose yes record is 80 and i went 81 and redwood city 80 they would tie. a few but when you start off in 40s now we are in the 50s we are rebounding from the temps but 62 in san francisco. north wind napa not much northeast at fairfield but it's an offshore breeze that's the direction the wind is coming from. tomorrow west as this system begins to dig in. not a strong system for moisture but it has a lot of
8:11 am
cold air with it. you can see on the cloud rain forecast by tonight tomorrow morning here comes the low cloud deck. and watch how light rain thursday right there. thursday afternoon late morning early afternoon this will be kind of a powdery pat rip for snow in the sierra nevada and another system goes along the coast in to friday. not a lot of rain but it will be cold. lighter breeze today chilly lows inland recovering sunny and nice to warm few records possible today. 70s for many inland temps and tough to recover from 45, 46 and get anything over 80 so we will go upper 70s to very low 80s. a little warmer possibility of record highs and redwood city and san jose and santa cruz the record is 87. i didn't go with that today. cooler on wednesday and colder thursday into friday. days will be all right even though they are short but mornings in the 30s. cold. >> thank you steve. 8:11. more evacuations are underway on the east coast as a new storm barrels towards the same towns devastated by super storm sandy. where a nor'easter is expected
8:12 am
to hit and how it could affect relief effort. and new information about the new york nanny accused of killing two children. what she told the police and how that could lead to more clues.
8:13 am
when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
8:14 am
well lots of sunshine and mild around the coast. 73 in monterey heading down this. at the coast warm inland temps 0 -- 70s and 80s. cooling starts tomorrow. >> time 8:14. one week after hurricane sandy devastated a lot of seaside
8:15 am
towns in new jersey. some residents were told they have have to evacuate again. a nor'easter that's a powerful winter storm head their way and office of emergency management order those in brick township new jersey in low lying area to evacuate. they are spec to get more than -- expected to get more than a inch of rain and wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour it could create a storm surge and just add to the flooding they have. new york torn attorney general investigating complaints about the high gasoline prices after hurricane sandy. but not a at gas stations many reports of people are offering gasoline on craigslist. for as much as 30 bucks a gallon. the average pump price for gas is under $4 in new york. price gouging is illegal in new york and those sellers who are gouging they face prosecution for failing to pay a sales tax. turn out for election has been heavy even in locations
8:16 am
that were heavily damaged by the super storm sandy. you are looking at long lines at polling location in virginia. and staten island new york. voters displaced by the storm in new york by the way are allowed to cast an affidavit ballot at any polling location in the state. and displaced workers in new jersey can send in ballots by either e-mail or facts. >> it's 8:16. and we should know pretty early this evening if either presidential candidate has locked up the race. ktvu alison burns is in the newsroom look at when the polls close in the biggest battleground state. alison. >> reporter: as we have been reporting for the last several weeks, there are just a handful of swing states that could decide this election. so here's how we are going to be watching them tonight. the first polls close in virginia ohio and north carolina between four and 4:30 pacific time. and then at 5, the polls close in florida, opinions vain yeah-
8:17 am
new hampshire and by 6, pacific the battleground states of wisconsin and colorado could be decided. president obama won all the states the last time around. tonight it's more competitive although the president still has a slim lead in most of them. mitt romney voted in his home state of massachusetts earlier this morning. he is looking to take early wins in virginia, florida, and north carolina. president obama would need ohio and at least one more of the swing states to get the 270 electrical college votes he needs to be reelected. there are of course as we have been reporting all morning a lot of very long lines at polling places across the country. but so far there has not been any talks we have heard of any voting hours being extended. reporting live, from washington, d.c., alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time is 8:17. new information about the new york nanny accused of killing two children she was taking care of.
8:18 am
"new york times" reports yoslyn ortega had resentment toward the family and told police they were complaining and telling her what to do. the children's father kevin krim is a former executive for yahoo who lived in bay area with his family until 2009. we are getting new information this morning about a massacre of 16 civilians in an afghanistan village last month. prosecutors say staff sergeant robert bales spent the evening of the massacre watching a movie about revenge killings and talking about a fellow soldier who lost a leg. a military court is holding an evidence hearing this week in washington state that will determine if the case against bales goes to a court martial. a defense lawyer suggested he may be suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder. it's 8:18. california state university students may soon have to pay more for taking extra units even if voters pass prop 30.
8:19 am
it's part of a plan to free up more spaces for students. according to the chronicle csu students who repeat classes take more than a full-time course load or exceed the number of units needed to graduate may have to pay higher fees. students who are already facing tuition hikes are not happy about the proposal. and they are planning to protest at csu campuses on thursday. csu trustees are set to vote on the fee increase next week. this morning, governor brown casted his ballot in favor of proposition 30. we brought you pictures live about 45 minutes ago. and coming up at 8:30, we will go back live to oakland with more on governor's brown -- governor brown's last-minute message. there's something in your local apple store that doesn't have the company logo on it. it's not even made by apple. apple is now selling the new hugh light bulb made by phillips electronics. it's like many others smart light bulbs but brightness and
8:20 am
color and timing you can control it from the app on your ipad or iphone. that is the apple tie in. and android app is available. three of the le -- l.e.d. bulbs sell for $200. well, anheuser busch wants out of the number 2 movie at the weekend box office. the movie is flight and it stars denzel washington and it's about a high functioning alcoholic. at one point he is shown drinking while flying the plane and while driving. well anheuser busch wants paramount pictures to obscure or remove the bud wiser label from the -- bud reiser label from the movie and highser -- and highs her bush -- anheuser busch says they never talked to anyone about including the prop. >> it's entertaining movie. it's 8:20.
8:21 am
a damaged sailboat is seeing new life. how oracle team usa is recovering from a accident on the bay and how to see it this weekend. >> and let's look out the window. that's a blue sky. i hope you are enjoying it. because it's not going to last at least the temperatures. steve will tell you when we get a dramatic swing in temperatures. >> reporter: good morning. a little slowing in the south bay. we will run that down for you and give you the rest of the morning's commute. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
8:22 am
8:23 am
with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
8:24 am
. it's 8:23. picket lines rup around more than 100 knob hill and raleygrowabley -- grocery stores. workers say they are prepared for a long strike. they say they only want to keep the benefits they currently have and some that retireees count on. >> i've been here 16 years and we have worked hard for them to build this up, and i just think what they are doing is wrong. >> the company says it needs everyone to make concessions as they try to compete with nonunion grocery stores. raley's says all the stores will remain opening open during the strike but there are no new talks scheduled. 8:24. oracle team usa found a way to recycle a damaged sale boat -- sailboat destroyed when it flipped over in the bay. they will use shards of the 8
8:25 am
million dollar boat and make it into a flying device. yeah. they are bidding a tiny model of the boat to take part in the weekend's red bull flew tag event in san francisco. it's an event where you've got 33 teams competing to see how far they can launch their unique devices until the water from a 30 foot tall platform. time is just turning 8:25. sal is back and you are watching the commute. >> reporter: getting into the valley, this morning, a little tough. a little slow. down 208 getting up to 17 you can see a -- 8. 280 getting up to 17 you can see low traffic. 10 # is as slow as 28 a and -- 280 and 85 is slow. we have what couple earlier issues and 280 heading south out of daily city to near trucedale slow traffic there because of earlier problems 101 is is a mess and the peninsula
8:26 am
is not doing well. in fremont we have a power outage. remember if you come up on a traffic light that is out, treat it as a 4-way stop. and if you are driving to the livermore valley it's slow this morning getting into the main part of livermore. now let's go to toll plaza. that's getting a little busier. it was better but now it's a little slow because of a stalled vehicle. let's go to steve. >> reporter: clear skies starting to warm up for some. 60s and 70s on the coast. 40s inland. a haze in the air. we have lost that wind we had yesterday there's component of an eastern breeze and offshore breeze but look for sunshine and warm conditions a few record highs today but not as many as yesterday. there were so many. from redding and stockton to l.a. and we had 80s and 90 degree temperatures here. not today, 70s and 80s. but the 70s and 80s will be replaced with 50s and a cold rain by friday. >> that's dramatic. all right. time 8:26.
8:27 am
and a historic cross missing for two years found at half- moon bay. what officials are saying about the cross that was once the center of a case at that went all the way to the supreme court. >> reporter: california voters head together polls this morning to decide the fate of proposition 30. a tax measure to fund education one that has been pushed by governor injury brown. we will show you how he made his cast his ballot earlier this morning and the message he had for voters. >> reporter: and could capital punishment be on its way out. we are talking about proposition 3 # 4 what both -- 34. what both sides are saying here. mornings on 2 continues.
8:28 am
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools.
8:29 am
prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
8:30 am
welcome back. -- welcome back. the presidential election is a dead heat with the president andromney running neck in neck in the all important battle ground states. >> hi. karen this is barack obama. it is i am calling to say thank you for work so hard. >> there's the president in chicago saying thank you. this is video we shot of him this morning he stopped by one of the campaign field offices surprised the volunteers across the country by calling to thank them for their work on his campaign. coming up at 8:37a. live report from the obama campaign election headquarters. and here's some pictures these are live pictures right here. this is from cleveland ohio. mitt romney's plane just landed. we are looking through the open door of the plane and just within the last-minute, the plane landed and we have not seen mitt romney yet.
8:31 am
but the republican presidentialcandidate has a campaignappearance in cleveland and he will be traveling to pennsylvania as well again we are watching the front door. that's not ann romney i don't believe it is. but we are seeing members of the staff come through. mitt romney will head to boston to watch the election results coming in later on tonight. but again, his plane just landed in cleveland ohio. we have wanted to stick around for him to walk out and at leastwave to the crowd. we will catch up with mitt romney's activities trout the day. earlier, history was made in dixville notch new hampshire. overnight that town traditionally the first to vote in the presidential election. the 10 registered voters therecast ballots shortly after midnight. for the first time, it was a tie. five votes for president obama and five for mitt romney. it's 8:p 1. -- 8:31.
8:32 am
governor brown cast his ballot and we brought you pictures live about an hour ago but it will be sometime before we know the fate his tax hike plan. ktvu alex savidge is with the plan. >> reporter: the governor made the final push to the finish line trying to pass proposition 30 and now as he said this morning it's all up to the voters at this point to decide whether they want to pass the proposition a tax measure to fund education and you can see here voters casting their ballots here at the polling place just about an hour ago. the governor was here and he came to this polling station at oakland fire station number 6 we will show you what the scene looked like as the governor arrived and he said hi to poll workers and even petted a couple friendly dogs who are out here on election day and governor filled out the ballot casting a yes vote on proposition 30. the measure would hike income taxes for high income earners and increase the sales tax as well with that money going to k- 12 education and community
8:33 am
college. if it fails, so-called trigger cuts take effect and public school stand to lose 6 billion dollars. after he casted the ballot to governor seemed confident prop 30 can get the support it needs to pass. >> i think i can tell that there the notion of taking a quarter of a cent sales tax and asking those in the top 1% to help us out in the time of need i think that's a proposition that speaks for itself. >> reporter: however opponents of proposition 30 to stop prop 30 camp say there's no guarantee the money raised under prop 30 will all go to schools. they believe voters are not in the mood right now for a tax increase of any kind. the latest field poll that came out shows support for proposition 30 just under the 50% mark it needs to pass and the governor told us this morning he is done campaigning for today. he's leaving it to voters right now. we asked what was on the agenda and he said he and his wife are taking a hike and he will watch
8:34 am
the returns come in later on tonight. live this morning in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu. >> it's 8:33. the city of richmond is deciding whether there be a tax on soda to help fight obesity. and it's getting national attention. measure m would ada penny per ounce on sodas and sugary drinks a similar tax is on ballot in los angeles county. if approved they will be the first of their kind in the country. time is now 8:34. california voters also deciding on the future of the death penalty when heading to the polls. ktvu brian flores a live at sanquentin with information on the controversial measure that would repeal the death penalty brian. >> reporter: yeah, you know this is one of the propositions that if passed other states could follow. this is proposition 2 getting nationwide attention. we have been live at the westgate war small group of people will be forming an all day vigil in support of
8:35 am
proposition 34. if voters pass the measure 34 would repeal the death penalty and give convicted first degree murders life without the possibility of parole. since the death penalty was reinstated only 14 people have been executed while 900 people received death sentences. but the sticking points for supporters is the cost saved if it passes prop 34 is supposed to save voters or californians about 130 million dollars that would otherwise be spent in court cost and trials and that can sometimes last for decade. but supporters we talked to are asking the state to -- voters rather for the human aspect. >> we are a great nation and setting the trend worldwide is this what we wand to stand for americans and he said we don't want to stand for americans willing to spend money to put people to death but not put children through school. >> reporter: opponents include the state district attorney's office and the state's sheriff
8:36 am
association and mark klas says it lets criminals escape justice. >> unless things change radically, no, he will not be executed he may very well outlive me. >> reporter: experts say that if prop 34 passes many states will follow suit so far about 33 states have the death penalty as we take it back out here live again a small group of people in support of prop 34 this morning. it does need about 50% of majority to pass but according to recent field poll only about 43% support proposition 34 but it's a long day ahead and voters heading to the polls. we will see how it goes. live at san quentin brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:36. it's voters nationwide cast their ballots this election day the presidential race in a dead heat. president obama is at home in chicago.
8:37 am
he will be watching the election results from there. renee marsh is at the obama campaign election headquarters in chicago. so what's the president doing today? >> reporter: you know the president is laying low i heard you mention earlier dave about that unscheduled stop at that campaign field office. we saw that. he was taking that time to thank volunteers as well as make surprise phone calls to some supporters. those are always fun to listen in to. and then here, at obama headquarters they are putting finishing touches on things. the podium on the lighting and we see that and i saw bomb sniffing dog making its rounds around here a few minutes ago and you can see this was the stage and setting at headquarters. not many people but the media here at this point but later on today, you will see lots of supporters packing in to this area here as those numbers come in and, of course, the president at some point will take to that stage. he will give a victory speech
8:38 am
or conceding the race to mitt romney. people are lining up a at polling stations across the nation and even some noteworthy ballots are being cast. for president obama, months of campaigning all come down to today. >> i got fired up. are you fired up. >> reporter: rousing and emotional speech left him with a tear in his eye and hearkening back to where he started promoting change in the 2008 iowa caucuses. >> we cannot be stopped. and after all we have been through together, after all that we have fought through together, we cannot give up on change now. >> reporter: his dizzying tore across the country marks the end of an era for the president. his final presidential campaign. >> four more years. >> reporter: from wisconsin to ohio, and iowa, he focused not only on the undecided voters, but reenergizeed the loyal voteers from 2008 to cast their
8:39 am
ballot again. >> you know it comes down to you. it's out of my hands now. it's in yours. the single most powerful force in our democracy is you. moving the country forward begins with you. >> reporter: the president is in chicago today while the country gets out to vote. per tradition he plays basketball with his staff before ening the day at mccorporal he can place in chicago. where he hopes -- mccormick place in chicago where he hopes for a repeat of 2008 novembernight. more about what the president will do today. he plans on lying low and aside from that surprise visit to campaign office. he will spend most of the day with family and friends. he will also sit down for some satellite interviews. dave back to you. >> thanks. ktvu will have election coverage throughout the day. our special coverage beginning at 4 p.m. as the polls close on the east coast. we will have up-to-the minute results on and mobile
8:40 am
ktvu. there's an expanded edition of the 10:00 news for complete bay area election coverage. >> of course we will have the results for everyone -- for everyone tomorrow morning what's happen on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: getting crowded but it's been up and down today better than yesterday. let's go there and talk about it. the traffic is just moderately heavy now. it got improved for a little bit and there was a stalled vehicle that he got out of the way. but it's going to be a littleslower. driving on san francisco freeways northbound 101 looks good. southbound 10 1 a little busy down the peninsula and so is southbound 280 out of daley city to san bruno and beyond that we have had stop and go traffic. also this morning, in the east bay we have had slow traffic out at livermore getting a little better be we talked about san mateo one-on-one and 92 slow very slow. now steve. >> thank you. lots of sunshine and nice temperatures today. a little cool for some on the
8:41 am
morning lows. 40s other locations in the city never got below 60. so mild for some and monterey in the 8:00 observations 73 degrees. sunny and nice. possible reports today not as -- records today. not as many as yesterday. there's a little offshore wnd but yesterday it was a more pronounced cooling again tomorrow fog returns out in the pacific raring to go but big changes thursday and friday a cold system coming in more cold than rain. and temperatures in the 80s today will go into the 50s. one last look here. monday records were impressive. gilroy at 906789 santa rosa and redwood city checked in at 84. san francisco and sfo at 79. records for the day possibility of some today. i don't think it will happen in santa rosa. they started out at 45. without a north wend they can't go to 86. i went 78. oakland will be close. 78 the forecast. and temperatures record is 80. now san jose yes record is 80 and we are going 81 and redwood
8:42 am
city would tie at 80 a. this will be a few. 40s, 50s and 50s to 60s. 62 in san francisco. mountain view at 60s. hayward 61. and there's a little north wind. not much but still the directionit's coming from is land to sea so it's an offshore breeze. coast beautiful again today probably not as warm as yesterday. this begins to start to move toform and fly over us by thursday. it won't be a lot of rain. won't be a lot of snow. but some of the forecasted lows in the mountains tahoe turkey in cinchingel -- single digits by sunday. keep that in mind. some rain starting on thursday and friday. this may be a system that gives more rain to the coast and hugs the coast but i will ease no that going into tomorrow. sunny and nice today. a lighter breeze. chilly lows this morning giving way to sunshine and hazy now we have lost the breeze and 70s to upper 70s again without a north wind in place. inland temps struggling because of the days being so short. coast 70s and 80s and a few low
8:43 am
to mid-80s. cooler wednesday and here comes the system for the ramp on the clouds. some late thursday and not all day rainy but a showery rainy pattern very cold friday. clearing out saturday and sunday but temperatures in the morning will be in the 30s very cold. >> all right. time 8:42a former san jose school principal accused of not reporting sexual abuse learned her fate. more on the jury's decision and how the school district is responded. we are live in san jose where people are exercising their right to vote. we will show you all the activity here and tell you what you need to know before you head to the polls.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
stocks are pressing higher in the early going on wall street for the market that will be a quieter election day compared to four years ago on november 4th, 2008 during the financial melt down the dow jumped more than 300 points the big of the election rally of all time. taking a live look at big board the dow having a good rally up 149. thes in a -- nasdaq is up and s&p un11 will let's bring you up to date-- let's bring you up to date on other top stories. president obama is in chicago
8:47 am
watching election results from there. and mitt romney is making two campaign stops in ojaio and pennsylvania -- ohio and pennsylvania before heading to boston where his headquarters is based. this morning governor jerry brown cast his ballot in favor of prop 30. his tax plan to fund education. now if it is passed it would temporarily increase the sales tax and increase income tax on people who earn more than 250,000 dollars a year. if rejected, billions of dollars in trigger cuts would take effect. and residents throughout the bay area are getting their i voted stickers this morning a lot them are dropping off their ballots others are waiting in line. ktvu janine de la vega is in a polling location in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as people head to work they are stopping here at the registrar's office. we have seen car after car come through the parking lot to drop
8:48 am
off their ballot here to election workers. it is done out of convenience and it's expected to be very busy here today. we started seeing people drive up to the ballot bocks before 5 and they were trying to beat the rush of people expected to turn out today. the registrar of voters says so far this morning things are running smoothly. here in santa clara county 46% of the by mail ballots have been returned. those who still need to drop off the envelopes can do so at any polling location city hall or here at the registrar's office. to this is what it's all -- >> this is what it's all about we will be here until the last vote counted and maybe 1 or 2 or 3 and depends who is in loin if they are out by 9 we will be here. so whatever it takes we will get the job done. >> reporter: the registrar's office says they are expecting a high voter turn out. they estimate between 70 to 80% will turn out to vote. it's always been historically
8:49 am
high during years. there are presidential elects. and back out here live, again you can see a steady stream of cars out here that are handing in their ballots. and everybody is getting one of these i voted stickers to show off their patriotism. now something else i wanted to point out if you live here in santa clara and don't know where your polling location is, you can down load an app on your smart phone called fcc vote. and that will tell you your polling location if you enter in the zip code you can also follow election results on that app the reporting live from san jose januaryine de la vega ktvu news. voter turn out is expected to be lower here in california for this election compared to four years ago. one reason, many people feel frustrated since the presidential election is often decided for our polls -- before our polls close. pam cook joins us live to let us know what else is is at stake in california. pam. >> reporter: yes, we have very important propositions as we
8:50 am
have been talking about on our ballot here in california. but they are complicate and controversial. if you feel you haven't studied enough this is where you can do a cramming session. a great website smart an unbiased election information put together by the league of women voters and you can find out everything that is on your ballot including also where your polling place is. you can put street address and zip code and you can find out if your polling place moved and get to there on time. if you click on current elects you will find the list of all the proposition and go under california and choose your county. let's sues santa clara this time around. santa clara has a number of measures as well. so you can click on the local measures, be a you can read through them measure a and all different measures and you can see what you are voting for for or against. now, back to the propositions
8:51 am
which is is a very controversial complicated part of the ballot this time around a lot of people feel maybe a bit intimidated. on this website, you have the propositions listed here. we have a number of very complicated ones that you can read through. all the four and against arguments are here. who rnt to repeal the death penalty is one of them. proposition 34, you click on that and you are going to get the summary prepared by the state attorney general and you're going to see the fiscal impact and you can see where the money is coming from. who has contributed to this campaign and who has contributed against the campaign. you can read through both the arguments for and against the proposition and you can see also who is for and against each proposition. so again, the it can be complicated but there's a site to go smart to read through this and get whatever you need to know on your ballot. the big message today is, get out and vote. go back over to dave and tori.
8:52 am
9 minutes before 9. two hot button issues on the ballot in other states are legalizing same sex marriage and the recreational use of marijuana. washington state oregon and colorado could become the first states to allow adults to possess small amounts of pot. in the meantime, in maine maryland and washington state, voters will decide whether or not to legalize same sex marriage. it has been rejected in all 32 states that have held popular votes on the issue. ktvu has special election 2012 coverage today. we start at 4 p.m. and polls close on the east coast we will have up-to-the minute results on and mobile ktvu and there's an expanded edition of the 10:00 news for complete bay area election coverage. time is 8:52. a former san jose elementary school principal has been found guilty for failing to report suspected sexual abuse of a student. former ob whale he -- whaley
8:53 am
principal was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and fined 600 dollars. now the teacher craig chandler was arrested in january on charges of sexually abusing five students including one after the principal found out about the allegations. the school district released this statement saying while we are disappointed with the outcome we respect the process and remain committed to our mission of working to ensure that each of our students receives a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. investigators are searching for the person who shot and killed a horse in santa rosa. authorities say the 17-year-old horse was in pasture near a state park when he he was shot on sunday. animal ran back to the stable before collapsing. animal league defense fund is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a controversial cross that was once at the center of a supreme court case has turned
8:54 am
up in half-moon bay. official say the cross was found attached to a fence post along highway 35 yesterday morning. the cross disappeared from the mojave desert two years ago after the supreme court ruled it can remain on federal land. it was erected in 1934 as a memorial to soldiers killed in world war i. time is 8:54. much more about the news and a busy election day we will take a break and be right back.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
it's tuesday and today's winner will wayne shop and stay week end in livermore valley one lucky viewer will win a din he for two and overnight stair at paragon outlets having the grand opening for a chance to win go to before midnight and put in retail. it's about retail shopping. >> it is. sal knows about the commute what do you see. >> reporter: a lot of slow traffic still and let's start off with a look at the peninsula. slow traffic on 101 and 280 especially san mateo. quickly we go to the toll plaza backed up for a 15 minute delay and then in san francisco, northbound and southbound 101 looks pretty good approaching the downtown area. let's go to st-eve. >> lots of sunshine and cold for some inland areas but it will be sunny and nice to warm up. a few records possible more likely they happened yesterday but it will be nice today.
8:58 am
cooler on wednesday and big change colder with some rain more cold than wind than rain thursday into friday. >> all right. that's the report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and we will see you when news breaks. >> join us at noon for more on election day 2012 as we ga live look at a drive by polling place in san jose. thanks for watching.
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